About Us

About Direct Solar Care

We are an established solar panel protection and maintenance company based in Leicestershire with a team who are capable of completing regular cleaning and bird proofing of solar panels for domestic and commercial properties.

From a visit to pigeon proof your panels through to regular work cleaning and making sure your solar panels are performing to the expected levels, Direct Solar Care are always on hand whenever you need us.

At Direct Solar Care, the whole team carries the same ethos; to ensure the customer is happy at all times and all work is completed to a standard we are proud of on each and every occasion.

Why Choose Us?

With a belief that any customer is the most important factor within a business, we have been able to prove time and time again why, and how, word of mouth is the one of the best forms of advertising.

We ensure our customers experience one to one interaction with our technicians as we understand the importance of a familiar face when it comes work being carried out on your property or place of business, and as a result we hope you have no hesitation in using our services again or recommending us to a friend.

When it comes to our work, you can expect the following;

  1. We guarantee to stop birds and other pests gaining access under panels.
  2. The mesh we fit is secured by our own specially manufactured clips.
  3. We do not drill or screw directly into the panels meaning our method does not affect a warranty provided by your installation company.
  4. The mesh is custom cut to size to ensure a smooth border that is hardly visible from the ground.
  5. Access can be easily gained if any maintenance work needs to be carried out
  6. We only ever use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and avoid the use of abrasives and detergents

If you have any solar panel pest removal or cleaning requirement, Direct Solar Care can help.

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