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Direct Solar Care aims to help in ensuring that the solar power output throughout UK is maintained and boosted. We provide market-leading commercial, agricultural, and industrial solar panel cleaning service for ground mounted solar farms and roof mounted solar panel arrays of any size. We specialize in bird proofing solar panels for domestic and commercial properties.

Our experience in pest control and property maintenance has given us the expertise to provide effective pigeon proofing solutions. Our teams of solar panel care and maintenance experts are located around the UK and are ready to provide the following services:

pigeon proofing solar panels manchester
Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels
Direct Solar Care provides a complete and effective solar panel pigeon deterrent with a ten-year guarantee—Nationwide service, anywhere in the UK definitely an excellent value for money.
Solar Panel Cleaning Service
Direct Solar Care also provides professional cleaning of solar panels to ensure that they are working properly. Our solar panel cleaning service uses only the best and the latest cleaning..
Solar Farm Cleaning & Ground Maintenance
We also offer complete and professional ground maintenance service for solar farms all over the United Kingdom. This service includes cutting of grass and hedges..
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