How much does it cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

How much does it cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a perfect home for birds, most commonly pigeons. It is important you remove these as they can cause lots of problems, we are a pest control company who deal with lots of issues where pigeons (or others) are nesting under Solar Panels which causes lots of headaches, as you may already be aware of. Keep on reading to find out how much does it cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels.

What is the problem with having pigeons nest under my Solar Panels?

Pigeons create a huge amount of mess, from their guano to excess twigs on the ground, to dropped eggs that have fallen out of nests. All of these have their own problems associated with them. Particularly in the summer months, bird guano is very bad for people with respiratory problems and can create health problems for people who are more susceptible. There is, of course, the general problem of having to clean up every day after their mess but if they have dropped eggs, this may invite unwanted creatures if not cleared up. Foxes and occasionally badgers have been known to eat eggs dropped on the floor. Should you let your pets out when there is a wild animal in the garden, you may end up with an injured pet if they approach the foxes or badgers too quickly. Furthermore, the gutters directly under your panels will be so well fertilised that within a year you will have forests growing out of them if you do not continually clear them out. This can lead to leaks or lots of costly gutter cleaning.

Solar panels are not delicate from the top however all the wires are exposed underneath the panels. Between the pigeons nesting, and both the younger and older generations pecking at the wires, the pigeons are very likely to peck out a wire or dislodge it, which could not only cause damage to the panel but could also mean that you lose out on the energy production, and therefore the feed-in tariff. Every warranty on panes is different but a lot of warranties we have come into contact with do not protect the panels against damage caused by pigeons.

The final major issue, and potentially the worst of all is that all pigeons carry one or the other of the following bird mites: the northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus Sylvarium) or more problematically the red fowl mite (Dermanyssus Gallinae). These are effectively microscopic bedbugs. If the birds are left for longer periods of time, the mites have a tendency to crawl through the roof and invade the house below. These mites are very difficult to treat but are also an extremely uncomfortable and upsetting pest to have. As the first signs that you have bird mites is that your skin starts to crawl every time you are in an area they often go unnoticed for months. This is very bad for the residents as then by the time they notice them, they will almost definitely have a full infestation of the house. If you are not careful, these mites can be transferred to cars and other people’s houses on clothes or on borrowed blankets or items like that. To read more about these terrible pests we have written an article on them here: More On Bird Mites.

These are the main problems associated with pigeons however the issues are not limited to this list, unfortunately.

How much does it cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels? This depends on if the pigeons have caused any damage or not. If they have not caused any damage or issues so far use our prices are at the bottom of the page. If they have caused damage the list could vary, typically pigeons are known to unplug wires (sitting or laying on them), often cause damages to roof tiles below. This will end up with a scaffolding cost, a labour cost and a solar panel parts cost such as new wires (if the old ones are not reusable). One of the worst case scenario’s is having Bird Mites infest your house.

How much does it cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

The cost of pigeon proofing solar panels depends on what company you use however, a company such as ourselves who have done over 4,000+ installations currently charge £499 inc VAT. This is an offer which ends on 31st May. There is no work for you to do all you have to do is call us on 0800 088 6392 or via our contact page.