Impact of Pigeons under Solar Panels on Business’s

Not so long ago Direct Solar Care received a distressed call from a lady who had contracted bird mites from pigeons nesting under the solar panels at her place of work. They had infested her clothes, her car and subsequently her home.

For those of you who know nothing about bird mites or who simply haven’t contemplated that they actually exist, bird mites are not the most pleasant of critters to share your home with.

Almost invisible to the naked eye, they rapidly multiply and feast on whatever the closest living thing is (ie. you), leaving you with rashes and spreading numerous diseases and fungal infections all of which can cause serious damage to your health.

The company had no choice but to pay for the treatment of her home and car, along with the treatment of the workplace and the installation of preventative measures to remove the pigeons and ensure they would not return. This could all have been prevented if the company had simply had pigeon proofing installed around their panels to begin with. It was a costly mistake and one which no doubt they will not repeat.

In terms of business, pigeons come with many health risks all of which can pose problems for you and your workforce. Continuous breeding throughout the year means that the population can multiply very quickly and, especially if you have a large array of solar panels, they will continue to return to raise their young.

One of the most harmful health risks (bird mites aside) is the faeces created by the birds. In large quantities, the inhalation of the dust given off from the faeces can be extremely damaging, not least because it can contain diseases. Obviously, the dirt and feathers are also extremely unsightly and will not give off the best external impression of your business.

Along with health risks, bird droppings can also have other damaging effects. The dust will build upon your panels very quickly, limiting the amount of light hitting the PV cells in your solar panels and thus preventing them from working at their optimum capacity. This will place financial pressure on your business as the yield of the panels decreases and the overhead cost increases. Take a look at our pigeon proofing solar panels service or head across to our contact page for a quote.