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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Problem with Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels

No doubt if you are visiting this page you are already experiencing some of the problems with pigeons and other vermin nesting under your solar panels.

5am wake up calls, faeces all over the roof/ guttering and the constant pitter patter of feet are just a few of the issues we get calls about every single day. Couple that with bird mites, a significant drop in the yield of your panels due to dust and fouling, and the danger of them destroying the wires connecting your panels and you get the gist of why many of our customers are at their wits end.

Perfect Pigeon Deterrent Solution for Solar Panels

Direct Solar Care know what an amazing investment your solar panels are. We also know that you will want to protect your investment.

This is why we offer a professional domestic and commercial service all over the UK from our head office here in Leicestershire. Number 1 in the country for mesh bird proofing, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and the offering of fast and reliable support.

Such is our experience in the sector, we have even designed our own innovative clips exclusive to Direct Solar Care, which means in almost all cases we do not need to drill your panels. We use only galvanised steel mesh with small holes of 10 x 15mm to exclude even smaller birds from re-entry and proudly offer a 10 year warranty against pest re-invasion (to cover all labour and material costs).

What is more we don’t even ask for any money upfront! You won’t pay until the day the job is completed and you are happy with the work.

UK No.1 Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Company

We are more experienced than anyone when it comes to protecting your solar panels from pigeon infestation. Every month we help hundreds of customers throughout the country.

At Direct Solar Care, our job is to make your life easier. We are happy to provide every service you might need all in one place.

In certain situations we may not be able to access the roof directly using a ladder if something is blocking the way, which means we may need to use scaffolding in order to complete the job safely. In these rare cases, you will not need to approach expensive scaffolding companies. Direct Scaffolding have got you covered!

Our sister company Direct Scaffolding can provide all of your structural needs with expert teams at a competitively low cost. Because we are all part of the same company, we can give you a quote on the spot and sort everything out for you- there is no stress or wasting time contacting separate companies.

What is more, we are also first and foremost a pest control company. As such, there will be a pest controller on your job to ensure the vermin are dealt with appropriately. Direct Pest know how to handle situations quickly and effectively!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pigeon Proofing, Pigeon Protection and Deterrents on Solar Panels

How do you protect my solar panels from pigeons?

With Direct Pest as a sister company, Direct Solar Care really know what we are doing. We will always have a qualified roofer and a pest controller working on your panels and our process is effective and professional. We will firstly remove the ¬†pigeons from under your solar panels, before removing as much debris as possible whilst ensuring that we don’t damage the wiring to the inverter inside. We then run our galvanised steel mesh around the outside of your panels securing with our specially designed clips, exclusive to Direct. We are so confident with our work, we offer a 10 year warranty to cover re-invasion, parts and labour.

How much does the pigeon proofing cost?

In order to quote you correctly, we just need to know a few details about your property and the panels you need proofing. You can provide us with this information either by email or on the phone to one of our lovely team. Usually the only things we need to know are how many stories your house is, how many panels you have and if there are any obstructions to your roof. Once we have this information, we will be able to give you a competitive quote which we believe you won’t be able to beat anywhere else.

Do you do any package deals?

Yes, ask us about our ‘Had Enough of Pigeons’ package which includes gutter clearing and panel cleaning. You won’t be disappointed!

I think I might have got bird mites from the pigeons, do you treat them?

Yes. We are first and foremost a pest control company and are the only company on the market to offer this expertise alongside the pigeon proofing services. If you think you have bird mites, simply call one of our friendly team on 0800 088 6392 who will be able to help you determine what type of mites you have and what the best solution is for your infestation problem.

My panels are black, can you still pigeon proof them?

Of course. Halogen panels are not all that different but, unlike regular solar panels, we would need to drill them. However, no need to panic about your warranty. We have permission from Halogen to drill the panels and have been doing so for many years; your solar panel functionality and warranty will not be affected.