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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

pigeon proofing solar panels

Problem With Pigeons Under Your Solar Panels?

We provide a Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels service across the UK to both residential and commercial properties. Direct Solar Care is the company to call if you have a problem with pigeons under solar panels.  We specialise in providing solar panel pigeon proofing service for domestic and commercial properties fitted with solar panels. We can also provide Pigeon Netting for Solar Panels however we do not use “netting" we use mesh as it lasts longer and it is much harder for pigeons to get back under your solar panels.

Direct Solar Care’s solar panel pigeon proofing services use a combination of the best and the latest bird deterrent technologies, which includes first-rate materials and specialised labour. And to keep your peace of mind, our pigeon proofing solar panel services comes with a 10-year warranty, guarantees against pigeon/bird re-invasion which includes materials and labour.

From our base in Leicestershire we operate a nationwide solar panel pigeon protection service (anywhere in the United Kingdom) with a vastly experienced team of technicians who are all professionally trained in the implementation of bird proofing solar panels, bird guard for solar panels and pigeon barriers for solar panels. So rest assured that we will resolve your pigeon problems once and for all.

Winter Pigeon Proofing


Save some money this winter with our special pigeon proofing offer!

Our pigeon proofing work starts at £499 including VAT! Contact us today for your bespoke price.

Why you should choose Direct Solar Care

Direct Solar Panel is first and foremost a part of a pest control company and successfully deterring pests such as pigeons is our specialty. We believe that our company is the best in the industry because:

Our services come with an industry-leading 10-year warranty against pest reinvasion including materials and labour
We don’t ask for a deposit before commencing the work
Pay only when the installation is finished and you are completely satisfied with the work
We follow health and safety guidelines to complete the work efficiently and on time
We install solar panel bird protection at your most convenient time and date
Our bird netting and mesh come with 10x15 mm holes

UK's Leading Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing and Bird Deterrent Company

Wherever you are in Britain, if your solar panels need protection from pigeons, squirrels and other pests, contact us today before any substantial damage is caused.

Specially Designed Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing Solution

As part of our solar panel pigeon protection service, we use the best and the latest technologies in pigeon deterrence plus materials, labor and a guarantee against pest reinvasion. Our Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels service comes with a 10-year warranty so if under any circumstances a pigeon was able to get back under your solar panel we would return to your property and resolve the issue free of charge.

Our bird mesh is proven to be effective in preventing pigeons and other vermin from roosting and nesting on your solar panels. We don’t need to drill into your solar panels to fit the bird mesh because they come with specially designed clips that securely fasten the galvanized bird netting onto the panel, although certain uncommon types of solar panels usually distinguished by its black appearance may need a bit of drilling.

If you happen to have this type of solar panel, be sure to speak to one of our engineers for advice. Our galvanized steel bird netting for solar panels and bird mesh have small holes (10x15mm) that effectively keeps out the smallest of pests, including pigeons and squirrels while allowing sufficient airflow and ventilation.

Contact Direct Solar Care for Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Contact Direct Solar Care today to remove all the pests from your solar panels before too much damage is caused. Call our friendly team on 0800 088 6392 or contact us via our contact page and we’ll be more than happy to help give you back your 9 o’clock lie ins!