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Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar PV Panel Servicing

Like all mechanical installations, solar panels need a good solar panel service to keep them running at their best! Here at Direct Solar Care, the solar maintenance company for you, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and professional way to check your solar panels are working at their optimum potential, safeguarding your investment.

By getting a solar maintenance service completed yearly, you can be sure that your panels are working to the best of their ability.

Our Solar Panel Maintenance Service

Visual inspection of panels
PV module string tests
Inverter tests
Earth tests from the main consumer unit
Cabling inspection
House electrical inspection, including junction box, distribution board and isolator tests
Meter tests
Check for correct schematic labelling
Energy production report
Voltage and current check
Shading analysis

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FAQ - Solar Panel Maintenance

How can I tell if my solar PV panel system is working?

There are a few things that you can do to keep up to date with the performance of your solar energy system. We like to think of it as your personal solar system maintenance checklist!

First thing to check is your generation meter’s lights. This is the fastest way to check if there is anything drastically wrong with the system. If the lights are flashing green then you’re in the clear at this level as this means that your generation meter is both running and receiving a readable amount of energy from your solar panels. Please note, that your panels won’t be producing anything at night so this is not a good time to check things are all working okay! If your meter is flashing red lights or has a warning or error code on the display, it’s time to call out a solar maintenance company like us for a full solar panel service!

The next thing to have a look at is how much energy your panels are producing now, and compare it to the quote you were given by the installers, and to a previous year’s production where possible to gauge whether the amount being produced is less than in previous years. There are many apps that you can use to do this with but for the one that suits your system best, it is a good idea to ask your installers which one to go for.

The last significant marker to help you tell when you need a solar panel service is when you find yourself Googling such phases as “how to fix a solar panel” and “solar energy maintenance cost”! Put your mind at rest and have one of our experienced and friendly engineers pop over for a solar panel service, to diagnose any complications there may be!

Why choose Direct Solar Care for Solar Panel Maintenance?

Direct Solar Care are the solar maintenance company for you! With a wealth of knowledge in every one of our engineers, we can work around any type of system you have, be it a grid tied solar PV system or a stand alone system, regardless of whether the panels are made of polycrystalline, monocrystalline, or amorphous cells, and no matter what type of inverters you have.

How much does it cost to maintain solar panels?

When it comes to the solar panel maintenance cost, there are a few options you can choose from. If you want a one-off inspection of your solar PV installation then we are more than happy to arrange that for you, at a time that suits you. After we have completed our solar panel survey, we can tell you what the solar panel repair cost for your system will be and also how to repair a solar panel system properly. If you choose us to do the repair for you, our skilled engineers will have your system up and running in no time, getting it back to earning you money! Regular cleaning of your solar panels are an important part of maintenance, you might be interested in checking out our solar panel cleaning services.

Another option Direct Solar Care can offer you is a solar maintenance contract. By paying this annual fee, you will be able to benefit from a yearly survey and any solar panel repair cost being covered. This keeps the solar panel repair cost from being a guessing game before a solar panel service, as there simply won’t be one! Moreover, the solar panel maintenance cost stays a competitive and reasonable price thanks to the solar maintenance contract!

Do solar panels need maintenance even if it seems to be working fine?

While solar panels are becoming increasingly reliable, without care and maintenance of solar panels, and solar panel cleaning, it is highly unlikely that you will see the return that had been quoted to you by your panel installers, with the reality being that you will probably see a diminishing return.

If you are looking to get the best results from your panels you need to look into a solar panel survey and so the answer to the question do solar panels need maintenance is, in short, yes!

What are the common faults?

Although your panels might be covered with a 20 or even 25 year warranty, not all of the parts in your solar panel PV system will be. To keep the whole installation in healthy, working shape, it is a good idea to treat it just like you would a car, with regular servicing. This helps to know what is going on with your system so that there are no sudden surprises.

The most vulnerable part in your installation is most commonly the inverter, particularly if it is a string inverter as they tend to have a very short lifespan, normally between 5 and 10 years. They also have other weaknesses as if one panel is down, you will not see any production at all, as they run off of the lowest producing panel. With a solar panel survey we can test what, if any issues there are with your panels or if the production is lower than normal, why this is.