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Direct Solar Care provides an array of excellent solar panel care and maintenance services performed by well-trained professionals. We are a member of a group of companies with years of accumulated experience and expertise in property maintenance, pest control and related fields.

Using our in-depth knowledge of what works best, we have designed solutions to problems unique to solar panels.

Services Offered by Direct Solar care

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Our solar panel pigeon proofing technology is proven to be effective in preventing birds and other animals from causing costly damage to the panels. We have a fast and reliable commercial solar panel cleaning service that can cater to any size of solar photovoltaic systems—from small home solar panel systems to large-scale solar farms.

Our team of highly trained professionals uses only the latest technologies and methods to quickly and effectively clean and maintain your solar panel system. After we complete the service, your solar photovoltaic system will be as good as brand new.

We also offer thermal panel servicing, a full repair and maintenance service including all components, to ensure that your thermal hot water solar panels are working perfectly. Our bird mite removal services will keep your home free from pesky insects that can also pose significant health risks to your family.

Our solar care and maintenance services come with excellent guarantees, so you can rest assured that you will receive only the best quality service. Get your solar panels inspected, assessed and serviced as soon as possible to keep it in top shape. Check out our range of solar panel care and maintenance services below and choose the one you need. Our experts are also ready to receive your inquiries and requests through telephone.

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