Our Solar Care Services

Solar Panel Cleaning

Ensure your solar panels are always working to their optimal levels through regular cleaning from Direct Solar Care.

Pigeon & Bird Proofing

Prevent pigeons and other birds from nesting under or around your solar panels through the highly effective measures implemented by our team.

Thermal Hot Water Solar Panel Servicing

We offer a full repair and maintenance service to ensure your solar thermal hot water system keeps working perfectly.

Rent-a-Roof Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

The Rent a Roof scheme is where solar panel installers offer to install solar panels on your roof free of charge in exchange for them being able to claim the feed-in tariff payments for the electricity generated. In return, you can enjoy lower energy bills.

Bird Mites Removal Services

Bird mites are a devilish problem to have and are often mistaken for more common pests such as bedbugs and fleas, however the truth is that bird mites are much, much worse. As one of the most aggressive of all the insects and arachnids that bite in the UK, bird mites can cause immense discomfort and upset to whomever has the misfortune of being invaded by them.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Like all mechanical installations, solar panels need a good solar panel service to keep them running at their best! Here at Direct Solar Care, the solar maintenance company for you, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and professional way to check your solar panels are working at their optimum potential, safeguarding your investment. By getting a solar maintenance service completed yearly, you can be sure that your panels are working to the best of their ability.

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