Hot Water Solar Thermal Panels Servicing

thermal-hot-water-panelsSolar water heating, also referred to as SWH, in simple terms is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for the purpose of heating water by using a solar thermal collector, the technology that collects heat by absorbing sunlight.

  • How do you know if the pressure in your solar hot water system has dropped below 2 bar?
  • Are you concerned that your solar thermal panels are not working as well as they should be?
  • Have your thermal solar panels missed their annual service?

Here at Direct Solar Care we offer a full repair and maintenance service to ensure your hot water solar panels keep working perfectly to give you peace of mind that your solar heating system won’t suddenly cut out, leaving you with no hot water. Our service schedule includes all components of your solar water heating system, not just the solar hot water panels, and specifically includes the parts which commonly fail.

Solar Thermal Panels Service Schedule

During our service schedule we go through a full pipework check which involves making sure that all the pipes are correctly covered with Armaflex insulation. We also ensure there are no leaks or kinks in the pipe work which would cause the solar thermal hot water heating system to fail. Additionally we check the pipework for any damage that could have been caused by pests such as birds, especially pigeons, rats, mice and squirrels.

If your system is not clean then it may have problems with functioning. In checking that your system is clean, we help you to avoid this issue and make sure your system keeps running smoothly.

Low pressure is the most common fault that we find in domestic solar hot water systems and will cause you to experience low efficiency or total failure and is often caused by leaks or damaged pipe work. To rectify any issues with pressure we first need to find out what the issue is and then we can work on fixing it. If it is an issue with a leak, first we will need to locate the leak and then we can cure it. After this is completed we will need to add pressure into your system. An Alternate but equally important problem is checking that all the pumps and expansion vessels are sound and do not have any pressure leaks.

While it may look like you have no pressure in your solar hot water system, you could still have a fully operational unit, it may just be your controls that aren’t working. We frequently find that the sensors in a unit are faulty and that is the only problem that that customer will have. To fix this we initially find the faulty unit, and then we can replace it. To make sure that the new sensor is working we fully test the system. If you think that you have issues with your sensor then do not hesitate to contact us. While we do say that it is usually the only problem, there have been cases where a fault sensor has lead to system failure.

Solar Hot Water System Glycol Check

As part of your service we also check the level of the glycol based heat transfer fluid in your solar heating system as maintaining the correct level is crucial to your system’s efficiency. We use a borescope for this operation and either replace or top up the system as required because the glycol can deteriorate over time. During this phase of the service we also carry out is a full system check for possible airlocks.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Heating System

From our experience of servicing solar thermal panels we know that the following are the most commonly failing parts that are the likely cause of any issues you may experience:

  • Water Pump
  • Control sensors
  • Expansion vessel
  • Lagging needing replacing
  • Cable replacement
  • Replacement of the glycol

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Nowadays many people are opting to use solar heating for swimming pools, either instead of or to assist traditional methods of heating their swimming pools. Direct Solar Care offer a full repair and maintenance service to ensure that your swimming pool solar heating continues to work to its full potential.

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Our trained solar thermal hot water heating engineers here at Direct Solar Care are more than happy to discuss your servicing and maintenance requirements, just call our friendly team today on 0800 088 6392 for advice. Should you have any other issues with your solar system, you can read more about our pigeon proofing and solar panel cleaning service here.

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