Rent-a-Roof Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Are you part of a rent-a-roof solar panel installation scheme?

The Rent a Roof scheme is where solar panel installers offer to install solar panels on your roof free of charge in exchange for them being able to claim the feed-in tariff payments for the electricity generated. In return, you can enjoy lower energy bills.

The contract you have lasts for 20 years and is worth up to £8,080 for a 4kW system. After the 20 years, most installers will let you keep the solar panels and the free energy even though they will no longer be receiving any tariff payments from the government; always check with them about this.

Do you have pigeons under your rent a roof solar panels?

Solar panels are the perfect home for birds. Having them roosting under your solar panels can cause a lot of issues. One being them fouling on your solar panels, which will significantly drop the amount of electricity generated. Another being the noise from the flocks of birds waking you up at 5am. With all that in mind, you could even have bird mites! The pigeon breeding season is continually through March to October, so I’m sure you’ll want to get it sorted sooner rather!

We at Direct Solar Care understand the terror and mayhem pigeons and squirrels cause so we additionally offer a 10-year pigeon proofing warranty on all of our work so that should you have a re-invasion of any pest under your panels, we will come out free of charge and rid you of them.

Direct Solar Care provide solar panel pest protection for homes across all regions of the UK with the most popular being Manchester and Liverpool. We work with lots of solar companies to provide pigeon protection for solar panels, why not see if we work with your company?

If your answer to both of the above questions is Yes, great news! Rent a Roof scheme customers qualify for a subsidised rate!

Just fill in your details in the form on the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Our solar panel pigeon barrier system is one of the most advanced pigeon protection available in the UK but it is not the only service we offer. How to clean solar panels is a question we get every time we go on site and we have the best team to answer that question for you. Should you need cleaning or any other solar panel services with confidence.

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