Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Bedford

Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Bedford

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Bedford

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Bedford and across the UK is what we do, we have completed over 4,000+ jobs.

With the River Great Ouse tying the county of Bedfordshire to its surrounding neighbours, Bedfordshire has a couple of weird and whacky claims to its name! For example, did you know that Arlesey in Bedfordshire is Britain’s “longest” town? It stretches for three miles along the River Hiz however despite it’s size there are just under 6000 residents!

Not only this but the first ever tractor was invented in Biggleswade, near the town of Sandy and only around 20 miles from Luton and 10 miles from Bedford. In 1901, Dan Albone manufactured the Ivel Agricultural Motor which had a top speed of just 5 miles per hour! That tractor certainly wouldn’t get to Bedford, let alone Luton very quickly! This, first of its kind, three-wheeled tractor was the most suited mechanising farm-work at that period.

Luton, the largest town in Bedfordshire, is very well known for its quick links into London and, of course, its airport, which is visited by almost 10 million passengers per year and over 25 thousand tons of air cargo per year!

Bedfordshire has produced many famous athletes in recent years, including Paula Radcliffe and Victoria Pendleton however perhaps the most famous person to come out of Bedfordshire was Ronnie Barker, known for his comedic partnership with Ronnie Corbett. Perhaps that’s why all the pigeons enjoy congregating there, they’re all having a good chuckle!

Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels? - Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

To help you get rid of pigeons from your rooftop solar panel installation, Direct Solar Care offers a quick and effective solution that protects the panels and wiring and stops birds from nesting. As a sister company of one of the most trusted pest control firms in the country, Direct Solar Care has the experience and expertise to deal with your pigeon concerns.

Our pigeon proofing solar panels service includes a durable galvanized steel mesh that is installed onto your solar panels without any need of drilling to prevent any inadvertent damage to the panels. The steel mesh has 10x15mm holes designed to keep out birds and small pests while still allowing adequate ventilation. The clip is also easily removable for maintenance.

If your solar panels have already suffered from pigeon infestation, we also offer guttering and solar panel cleaning services as part of the solar panel protection system. Best of all, the service comes with a 10-year guarantee including materials and labour, so you never have to worry about pest reinvasion.

The Direct Solar Care Solution to Pigeon Solar Panel Problem - Efficient and Quick Process.

  1. Assess the situation ensuring all safety precautions are in place before work commences.
  2. Remove nests, birds and debris
  3. Fit the Mesh with our specially manufactured clips, exclusive to direct
  4. Take Photographs
  5. Email over photographs, invoice and warranty. Follow up call

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Don’t delay; protect your solar panels before any long-term damage is caused. You may call our friendly team today at 0800 088 6392 for requests and enquiries or via our contact page. We have a team of trained pest controllers and solar panel experts on hand to assist you in getting rid of pigeons from your solar panels wherever you may be in Bedford.

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