Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Coventry

Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Coventry

pigeon proofing solar panels coventry

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Coventry

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Coventry and across the UK is what we do! With over 4,000+ installations.

Coventry, originally in Warwickshire, but now part of the West Midlands is known for having two cathedrals. The original – St. Michael’s, built in the 14th century was largely destroyed by the German Luftwaffe in the Coventry Blitz of 14th November 1940. Known locally as ‘the old cathedral’, only the outer walls and its 300 feet spire remain intact. The new Coventry Cathedral is next to the ruins of St. Michael’s and was designed by Sir Basil Spence and opened in 1962. These two cathedrals are Coventry’s best-known landmarks and are situated adjacent to the university draw a huge amount of visitors to the city.

Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

Domestic or Commercial, solar panels have become a viable option for everyone at an ever-increasing rate, and a money saving one at that! Here at Direct Solar Care we have noticed one down side: pigeons nesting under solar panels, along with jackdaws, other birds and squirrels, and more to the point, these pesky critters nesting or destroying the wires under the solar panels.

Unfortunately, no one is warned about this potential problem when they are buying the solar panels and so are unaware of the seriousness of their pest problem. The solar panels offer protection from the wind and rain and also radiate heat, thereby giving warmth to the pigeons or squirrels, providing an ideal place to roost or practice their chewing ability!

The Direct Solar Care Solution to your Pigeon Problems – Our Process.

Not only are your solar panels’ wires at risk, the yield of your panels could drop significantly should the birds foul on your panels. This said, our customers do not tend to worry about their wires as long before this becomes a problem, you will notice the noise caused by the flocks of pigeons nesting on your roof, waking you up at 5am every day, even Saturdays! Together with the mess, and the threat from bird mites (effectively microscopic bedbugs) and the fact that the pigeon breeding season is continually through March to October, I’m sure any sufferer of pests under solar panels will be sure to tell you to get it sorted out sooner rather than later! We understand the terror and mayhem squirrels and pigeons cause so we additionally offer a 10-year pigeon proofing warranty on all of our work so that should you have a re-invasion of any pest under your panels, we will come out free of charge and rid you of them.

Direct Solar Care provides solar panel pest protection for homes & businesses across Coventry.

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We have a team of trained pest controllers and solar panel experts on hand to assist you in getting rid of pigeons from your solar panels wherever you may be in Coventry.

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