Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels – Essex

Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Essex

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Essex

Immediately North-East of London, Essex is a perfect mix of rural and urban areas. This makes it an ideal spot for animals and birds such as squirrels and feral pigeons to make their home in. With much of their original habitat intact, they also have the new- age urban delights in the form of eateries and high streets to plague.

This has resulted in Essex seeing a huge rise in the population of pigeons and the fight over the natural nesting grounds, has resulted in many of them sourcing new areas to roost.

Unfortunately for you, these new nesting spots are often under your nice, cosy solar panels. Protected from the wind and rain and away from prying eyes, they want for nothing.

However, nesting around wires, fouling around and on the panels (minimising the solar panels yield), waking you up at 5am every morning and breeding continuously throughout the year; probably not your idea of fun. Plus the abundance of birds in Cornwall itself means you may never be free. And don’t even get us started on bird mites.

Direct Solar Care has the solution to cater for your solar panel pigeon problem in Essex!

How to get rid of pigeons under solar panels?’- one of the most asked questions to our teams.

The simple answer- Call Direct Solar Care.

Our fully qualified and professional team cover the whole of the country, including all areas of Essex.Our specially manufactured solar panel clips and Easi Dec scaffolding mean no job is too big or too small. A galvanised steel mesh is attached to your solar panels (no drilling required) and is cut to size, for a smooth finish that is hardly visible from the ground.

We offer solar panel pest protection for homes and businesses, along with a 5 year warranty to ensure none of your unwelcome house guests come back.

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