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Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Hertfordshire

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Hertford

Hertfordshire is a county that is located in the south of England and it was first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in 1011! Its main town is Hertford, which was once a major agricultural market town in the medieval era. Today, the town still differs from most of its neighbours in trade – it does not have a mall but instead has kept the local town alive with its high streets.

The county has even more Tudor buildings than London and has some excellently preserved historical sites such as Verulamium, a Roman town from the 3rd century, the remains of which are located in St Albans, and the six ‘Hills’, the remains of a collection of Roman barrows near Stevenage.

The county’s extremely rich history is also shown by the fact that it was in the town of Berkhamsted in West Hertfordshire that the Anglo-Saxons finally surrendered to William the Conqueror.

The town then became the site of a popular royal residence, Berkhamsted Castle. Though this was not the only royal castle that used to exist in Hertfordshire, there also used to be Kings Langley Palace which was close to both Hemel Hempstead and Watford, though nothing of this place remains at all.

The county is so popular it became the set of many famous British novels, from Pride and Prejudice to Animal Farm which is based in George Orwell’s old village of Wallington.

More recently Hertfordshire has become home to many British film studios with three Star Wars films being shot in studios near the village of Elstree. The Harry Potter film series and the Bond film GoldenEye were also shot in Hertfordshire in the Leavesden Film Studios, just north of Watford. These studios are now the home of the ‘Making of Harry Potter’ studio tour. No wonder there are so many pigeons in the area, they are all trying out to become Harry Potter’s newest owl!

Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Domestic or Commercial, solar panels have become a viable option for everyone at an ever-increasing rate, and a money saving one at that! Here at Direct Solar Care we have noticed one down side: pigeons nesting under solar panels, along with jackdaws, other birds and squirrels, and more to the point, these pesky critters nesting or destroying the wires under the solar panels.

Unfortunately, no one is warned about this potential problem when they are buying the solar panels and so are unaware of the seriousness of their pest problem. The solar panels offer protection from the wind and rain and also radiate heat, thereby giving warmth to the pigeons or squirrels, providing an ideal place to roost or practice their chewing ability!

Solar Panel Pigeon Problem

Not only are your solar panels’ wires at risk, the yield of your panels could drop significantly should the birds foul on your panels.

This said, our customers do not tend to worry about their wires as long before this becomes a problem, you will notice the noise caused by the flocks of pigeons nesting on your roof, waking you up at 5am every day, even Saturdays!

Together with the mess, and the threat from bird mites (effectively microscopic bedbugs: have a look here: ((bird mites page in DP))) and the fact that the pigeon breeding season is continually through March to October, I’m sure any sufferer of pests under solar panels will be sure to tell you to get it sorted out sooner rather than later!

We understand the terror and mayhem squirrels and pigeons cause so we additionally offer a 5-year pigeon proofing warranty on all of our work so that should you have a re-invasion of any pest under your panels, we will come out free of charge and rid you of them.

Direct Solar Care provide solar panel pest protection for homes & businesses across all regions of Hertfordshire.

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