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Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Leicester

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Leicester

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Leicester is what Solar Care do. If you currently have a problem or want to prevent from ever having one get in touch! Did you know that Leicester is the home of the first house in the UK that is completely powered by solar energy?

The self-sufficient five bedroom home located in Great Glen, Leicestershire is equipped with a number of solar panels on the roof canopy. Aside from the traditional rooftop panels, the environment-friendly house also uses experimental solar walls that preheat the air before it is used in the house’s ventilation system. The solar panels produce twice the amount of electricity needed to power the house. The surplus energy is stored in underground heating pumps to be used in the winter. The eco-friendly, self-sufficient home provides an example for future “Zero Carbon” homes that are not reliant on fossil fuels for heating and power. Solar power is definitely the way to the future.

For householders who already have solar panels installed, protecting the panels should be a top priority. Installing a solar photovoltaic system is not cheap, although they will help save money on utility bills in the long run. That’s why it’s very important to put safeguards in place to keep the solar panels working in excellent condition for as long as it could.

Aside from foreign debris such as hail or rocks, one of the more common causes of damage to solar panels are pigeons, squirrels and other small animals. The panels are very attractive to pigeons as roosting places. However, a large flock of birds often leave a heavy buildup of droppings on the surface of the panels. Aside from being a significant health hazard, bird droppings can also blot out the sun and drastically reduce the energy yield of the panels. In some cases, excessive buildup of dirt and debris can cause irreparable damage to the panels, leading to expensive repairs and replacement.

Birds also tend to make their nests in the spaces between the panels and the roof. Unfortunately, they also disturb some of the wirings underneath, leading to potential damage. Thus, it is highly recommended to put a deterrent.

Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

To solve this problem, Direct Solar Care offers an effective and easy to install solution. Our anti-bird solar panel mesh comes with smaller holes (10x15mm). This ensures that no small animals like birds and even squirrels can enter the protective barrier, while still allowing enough air to circulate around the panel. The mesh uses a no holes drilled clip system which makes it easier to install and remove for maintenance.

We also offer guttering and solar panel cleaning services to make your solar panel spic and span in no time. Best of all, our solar panel pigeon protection comes with a 10-year guarantee that includes labour and materials. You wouldn’t have to worry about pest reinvasion for an entire decade.

The Direct Solar Care Solution to your Pigeon Problems - Our Process.


1. Assess the situation

2. Remove nests, birds and debris

3. Fit the Mesh with our specially manufactured clips, exclusive to direct

4. Take Photographs

5. Email over photographs, invoice and warranty. Follow up call

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