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Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Northumberland

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Northumberland

Northumberland is a county found in the very north of England. It borders on Scotland to its north, the North Sea to its east and the other English counties of Cumbria and Durham to the west and south.

The county has had a long and violent history. It was occupied during the Roman era and has since then became the main site of conflict between England and Scotland, due to it lying on the border. Its history of violence means that Northumberland has the most amount of castles of any English county – over 70 castle sites!

Of course some of these castles no longer exist and many are in ruins, such as Dunstanburgh Castle near Craster and Embleton, Berwick Castle, Blenkinsopp Castle near Greenhead, Cartington Castle, Dilston Castle, Edlingham Castle, Etal Castle, Harbottle Castle, Mitford Castle, Norham Castle, Thirlwall Castle near Greenhead, Twizell Castle and Warkworth Castle. However, some are still standing such as Aydon Castle, Bamburgh Castle, Westhall Castle in Belford, Bellister Castle near Haltwhistle, Belsay Castle, Bothal Castle, Bywell Castle, Chillingham Castle, Chipchase Castle near Wark on Tyne, Coupland Castle, Featherstone Castle near Haltwhistle, Ford Castle, Haughton Castle near Humshaugh, Lindisfarne Castle near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Morpeth Castle, and Prudhoe Castle.

One of the main castles in the county is Alnwick Castle, situated in the market town of Alnwick. The Castle dates back to the 11th century and is not only still standing today, but it also the second largest inhabited castle. The castle has become iconic, having been used often as a set for the Harry Potter film series. No wonder all the pigeons are in Northumberland, they all want to live in these castles!

Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels - Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

Domestic or Commercial, solar panels have become a viable option for everyone at an ever-increasing rate, and a money saving one at that! Here at Direct Solar Care we have noticed one down side: pigeons nesting under solar panels, along with jackdaws, other birds and squirrels, and more to the point, these pesky critters nesting or destroying the wires under the solar panels.

Unfortunately, no one is warned about this potential problem when they are buying the solar panels and so are unaware of the seriousness of their pest problem. The solar panels offer protection from the wind and rain and also radiate heat, thereby giving warmth to the pigeons or squirrels, providing an ideal place to roost or practice their chewing ability!

Bird Proofing Solar Panels - How do we Protect your Solar Panels?

Direct Solar Care are the market leaders in solar panel bird proofing, so if you have pests under your solar panels we are the company to call!

With teams who are fully trained in solar panel pigeon protection techniques and our specially manufactured solar panel clips you can rest assured that we will resolve your problem once and for all and what’s more, all of our work comes with a 10-year pigeon proofing guarantee to protect you against re-invasion.

We are often asked “How to get rid of Pigeons under solar panels?” Our solution – Each team is equipped with Easi Dec scaffolding which they can use to access your roof to avoid damaging your property.

In most cases we don’t need to drill anything into your panels for fixings as we use our own specially manufactured clips to attach a galvanised steel mesh to prevent any animal entering the area underneath your panels.

The mesh is custom cut to size to ensure a smooth border that is hardly visible from the ground and cannot be pushed through by any pests.

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