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Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Nottinghamshire

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Nottingham

Nottinghamshire is recognized as one of the leaders in sustainable energy and tackling the challenges of climate change.

In fact, the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change, an initiative dedicated to working towards reducing carbon emissions, was signed in Nottingham by over 300 councils back in October 2000. The Nottingham City Council has also established an innovative car park that is powered by canopies that both protect the cars and generate solar power. This is billed as the largest solar carport in the UK. Homes and businesses around Nottingham are increasingly turning to solar energy to provide their heating needs. This also leads to increased demand for much-needed solar panel care and protection services. Like any household appliance, solar panels need proper care and maintenance to last longer.

Installing solar panels may be expensive but they can help you save tons of money on utility bills. The panels are designed to be durable on their own but with such an expensive investment, you will want to make sure that it is well protected from any possible damage.

Different external factors can cause damage on solar panels. One of the leading causes of damage to solar panels is the presence of pigeons and other animals. Pigeons are notorious for congregating in large flocks and they inevitably leave their excrement on any surfaces they roost on.

Rooftop solar panels are very attractive to pigeons as roosting places. Sometimes, the birds even build nests in the spaces beneath the panels. It may sound cute but the solar panel’s underside is not a good place for nests. Sensitive wirings can get displaced by the birds, leading to malfunctions. Also, the buildup of guano or bird droppings can drastically reduce the panels’ electricity output. Experts recommend that householders must keep pigeons away from solar panels.

Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

Fortunately, protecting your solar panels is easy, practical and affordable.

Direct Solar Care offers a quick and efficient pigeon-proofing solution that is guaranteed to safeguard your panels.

Our pigeon deterrent is made up of a durable mesh crafted from galvanized steel. It is designed with tiny holes (10x15mm) that prevent any animal from entering while still allowing sufficient ventilation to keep the panel in good working condition. The mesh is very easy to install, utilising a no holes drilled clip system. It is also fully removable for maintenance. The anti-bird netting is designed to last for a long time but if it doesn’t, don’t worry. Our service comes with a 10-year guarantee that includes material and labour—certainly an excellent deal for your money.

The Direct Solar Care Solution to your Pigeon Problems - Our Process.


  1. Assess the situation

2. Remove nests, birds and debris

3. Fit the Mesh with our specially manufactured clips, exclusive to direct

4. Take Photographs

5. Email over photographs, invoice and warranty. Follow up call

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If you’re ready to protect your solar panel investment, don’t hesitate to call our friendly solar panel pigeon protection experts at 0800 088 6392.

We’ll be more than happy to help you in preventing pigeon-related damage to your solar panels wherever you are in Nottinghamshire. Our team of trained professionals are on hand to install your anti-bird netting at your most convenient time.

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