Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Shropshire

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Shropshire

Generating renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is surging in the UK. In 2017, a quarter of the country’s electricity demand was served by solar energy, which generated 8.7 gigawatts, setting a record. This is also the first time that solar panels generated more electricity in the UK than nuclear plants.

The same trend is being seen in Shropshire, where the numbers of homes having solar PV systems installed are on the rise. As more householders are turning to solar energy, the need for care and protection of solar panels also increases. Solar panels can get damaged by a number of things: hail, lightning, and more commonly, pigeons and other bird pests.

Apart from normal wear and tear, damage to solar panels can accelerate due to a pigeon infestation. These birds are attracted to the solar panels, often roosting on the edges or nesting underneath the panels.

Unfortunately, they leave a lot of mess on the panel surface. Their guano can build up on the surface, blotting out the sun and reducing the energy yield of the panels. A heavy buildup of excrement will not only be a significant health hazard but can also cause irreparable damage to the panels.

Pigeons also nest under the panels, often displacing the wiring or weakening the structure. If overlooked, the situation can lead to total damage and expensive repairs or replacements.

Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

Direct Solar Care recommends that you install a pigeon deterrent to avoid the unnecessary and expensive repair costs. We certainly know a lot about pest control, being part of a group of companies specializing in property maintenance. Our pigeon deterrent is designed as an effective barrier between pigeons and your solar panel that still allows adequate ventilation. It comes with a durable galvanized steel mesh that has smaller holes (10x15mm) than in other protective meshes available in the market.

The mesh also comes with an easy-to- use clip for quick installation and removal for maintenance. In most cases, there’s no need to drill into the panel’s frame, although some types of panels may still need it. We also offer solar panel cleaning and guttering to make your solar panel look and work like brand new. All this comes with a 10-year guarantee, which includes labour and materials, so you will not have to worry about pest reinvasion.

The Direct Solar Care Solution to your Pigeon Problems - Our Process.


1. Assess the situation

2. Remove nests, birds and debris

3. Fit the Mesh with our specially manufactured clips, exclusive to direct

4. Take Photographs

5. Email over photographs, invoice and warranty. Follow up call

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