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Getting Rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels in Telford & Wrekin

Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons in Telford & Wrekin

As the popularity of and the demand for solar energy surges in the Telford and Wrekin district, more households and businesses are having solar panels installed to generate all or a portion of their power needs. Solar panels can provide years of clean energy. But just like any other part of the house exposed to the elements and other external factors, solar panels are vulnerable. But with the right maintenance and protection in place, your solar panels can last longer without needing any expensive repair or replacement.

One of the major causes of damage to solar panels is the swarm of pigeons and bird pests that find the panels a comfortable place for nesting and roosting. Unfortunately, they also leave behind their droppings, causing the energy yield of the panels to significantly decrease (by as much as 30%). If left untended, an accumulation of bird debris on the solar panels can cause malfunctions that may lead to additional costs.

Getting rid of Pigeons under Solar Panels with Direct Solar Care

To prevent unnecessary damage to your solar panels caused by pigeons and other bird pests, you can install a quick and effective pigeon-proofing solution provided by Direct Solar Care. We are a member of a top solar panel maintenance and pest control company in the country with years of experience and expertise in dealing with these types of concerns.

Our pigeon-deterrent mesh cage is made of galvanized steel for extra durability. It is designed to clip on and off easily for quick installation and removal for maintenance—no need to drill into the panel. The mesh has tiny holes of 10x15mm, enough to maintain proper ventilation but keep any vermin away.

If your solar panels need cleaning, we also offer a package that includes both the mesh and guttering and solar panel cleaning services. And so you never have to worry about pest reinvasion in the next decade, our solar panel pigeon protection comes with a 10-year guarantee that includes materials and labour.

The Direct Solar Care Solution to Pigeon Solar Panel Problem - Efficient and Quick Process.

  1. Assess the situation ensuring all safety precautions are in place before work commences.
  2. Remove nests, birds and debris
  3. Fit the Mesh with our specially manufactured clips, exclusive to direct
  4. Take Photographs
  5. Email over photographs, invoice and warranty. Follow up call

Sort your Pest Problem today - Contact Direct Solar Care

Every day, dozens of pigeons roost on your exposed solar panel. The time to have a pigeon protection solution is now. Call our friendly solar panel care experts to inquire about our pigeon-proofing services.

We have a team on hand to solve your pigeon problems wherever your location is in Telford and Wrekin.

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