What can I do about Pigeons under Solar Panels?

Pigeons under solar panels are becoming an increasingly large problem across the UK. While many associate pigeons with big city centres, they can now be found across the UK and unfortunately they’re causing havoc!

At Direct Solar Care we cover a lot of the UK for solar panel pigeon protection. (You can check here to see if we cover your area). Each area of the UK is different when it comes to pigeons. In some areas they nest under panels due to the weather. And in other areas there are so many pigeons that they are just looking for some nice nesting real estate! Whatever their reasons, having pigeons move in to your solar panels is never an enjoyable thing.

Can you really get pigeons under solar panels?

In short, yes! If you have pigeons under your panels then this may feel like an obvious statement. However we understand that if you don’t, it may not look like there is enough space for pigeons to live underneath. In reality, you can fit lots more that just one pigeon family under solar panels! The most that we have removed from one set of 16 panels was 37 families!

Why are there pigeons under solar panels?

At Direct Solar Care, we believe that it boils down to three main reasons. It’s warm, it’s comfy, and it’s safe! By living under your solar panels, pigeons eliminate a lot of the problems that they have in their natural habits. This means that they are able to raise chicks all year round. This has increased the number of pigeons in the UK as they used to only breed four times a year.

Underneath the solar panels, pigeons are able to hide away from their predators like hawks and falcons, but they are also protected from ground based predators, like foxes, and predators that can hunt them in trees, like ferrets and cats. By having a safe base, the pigeons feel more relaxed and therefore more likely to breed. This is one of the factors that contributes to pigeons nesting all year round as described above.

A further contributing factor is the warmth that the panels provide. Unlike the solar thermal panels, which get too hot for pigeons to live under, PV (photovoltaic) panels keep out the worst of the weather and create a partial buffer from any high winds. As the pigeons tend to build their nests around the wires that connect your solar panels to your inverter inside, the nests they create under solar panels tend to be stronger than their “normal” nests.

All in all, if we were pigeons we think we would live under panels too!

What can I do about it?

There are certainly some weird and wacky suggestions on what you could do on the internet. However, the only reliable thing to do to stop them getting underneath your solar panels is pigeon proofing solar panels. Here at Direct Solar Care we have perfected our method of stopping pigeons living under solar panels and with a quick call to us today, you could be rid of those pesky critters! If you are worried about the pigeons staying on top of your roof, we have some good news! When pigeons nest under solar panels, you will always have pigeons on roof ridges and the rest of your roof. What we have found through pigeon proofing over 4500 solar panel sets is that where the pigeons are not nesting, they are very unlikely to stay at the property at all! They will always want to roost next to where they are nesting and so when they leave your property to build a new nest, they should be gone for good!

To find out more information about our solar panel bird proofing click here! Or if you just want the pigeons evicted, call our friendly team on 0800 088 6392 and we will be more than happy to help!